Custom Software Systems, App Development, Integration & Database Management.

With mission-critical focus our task team tackles whatever your software challenge may be.

We probe and question, analyse and listen – grasping your users’ needs, wants and objectives – and then we act, swiftly and as unobtrusively as possible to get you off on the road to success. Our solutions – like our company structure – are lean and designed to perform. No frills, no over-priced functionality that you don’t need. Just honest-to-goodness, optimum problem solving.

A Software Development Company In South Africa Delivering World-Class Solutions

Ready for cloud architecture?

Technology changes by the day. Make sure you don’t get left behind. We’re right there at the forefront of cloud computing and the advances it can bring to your information flow.


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Need an app developed?

We’re as keen to get going as you are. But first, let’s align your immediate needs, timelines, budget and long-term brand objectives. App development assistance…

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Is systems integration precisely what you need?

It’s no use having bits of data from different isolated sources and they’re not talking to one another. We’ll help you organize and mine the full value of your data in an accessible, streamlined integration.

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Get business development operations clicking

Your business will become faster, leaner, more agile if Development and Operations could collaborate smoothly around shared goals. Find out how a Code Workshop’s DevOps intervention can help.

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Go modular

Properly designed and implemented, a modular Software architecture will scale and evolve to adapt to your changing business needs. Codeworkshop will structure (or restructure) a system that is simple, flexible and easily extendable at reasonable cost.

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Analysing your business to fix software ailments

You know your organisation could do better by jacking up your IT, but exactly which areas need tweaking? Or how much? Using proven requirement elicitation techniques and analysis, we’ll determine your expectations and needs to work out a clear programme of action steps. See more…

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Our Favorite Tools

These are some of our favorite tools, we are also well versed in the .Net platform, both C# and, SQL Server as well as other frameworks and platforms, contact us to find out more.

Got a bright idea that simply must get developed?

Got the idea? Have the funding? Need a developer? Bounce your brilliance off us and let’s see what we can do.

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