System Integration

System Integration

Codeworkshop is on the pulse of the latest technology, and this includes our app infrastructure and integration techniques. We use a variety of options including REST, SOAP, and web sockets, and so, are able to bring together our specialised skills in this field for seamless results.

As businesses and technologies grow, your business needs to choose the right infrastructure for your objectives. These solutions need to communicate as clearly and as easily as their users do. After all, communication only works well for those who work at it. The answer to the ever-evolving technology is system integration.

Our team of experts understand the why and how of system integration – as well as the value it can add to your business. This is why we are able to integrate with both legacy and new systems with any providers anywhere in the world.

Analysing each project allows us to decide on which tools are best suited to the task at hand, with a customised end-result. We pride ourselves on creating innovative software solutions, and so will create a scalable and reliable solution for your business needs.

By investing in system integration, every aspect of your business can become connected. Your business-to-business communication will become effortless, seamless, and cost-effective too.

These are some of the integration services we offer:

  • Analysis of current infrastructure
  • Discovering the right techniques and platforms for your business
  • Scalable services including the use of Elastic Beanstalk
  • The ability to communicate remotely with our developers for ease of project completion

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