Database Management

(MySQL, MS SQL Server)

Database Management

All too often we find that database management is often neglected by development teams, which is normal when the pressure to deliver the next great feature takes priority. IT staff might also be stretched by daily pressure, and be unable to finalise the little details after seeing that there are no problems and that everything seems to be working…for a while.

As the data load increases, so too does the system become slower and slower. The IT manager says, “Buy a bigger server,” and the COO says, “Change the operating procedures”. And, if you leave it for long enough, the CEO might say, “Change the COO!”

This could all possibly be resolved by simply tuning the database. We have seen tremendous performance gains that allowed for substantial savings on hardware, improved productivity, and staff satisfaction.

The philosopher Aristotle did not have a database (well, an electronic one, anyway) but he did believe in the importance of analysing and differentiating data. A database management system (or DBMS) aims to do just this, except in a more digital fashion.

Our team will gladly assist you with designing, data manipulation, and database administration. Our core skills are in Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, and we also able to provide assistance with the overall performance of your applications.

Our database management consulting includes:

  • Database administration.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Redundancy planning.
  • Data manipulation.

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