Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Data truly powers almost everything we do. However, if there is no pipeline for this data, then it cannot be properly used and analysed.

As the space of data has transformed, data engineering has emerged as a role that is complementary to data scientists. At Codeworkshop, we focus on the production-readiness of data, as well as the formatting, scaling, resilience and security of the data.

Simply put, while others might be race car drivers (getting the thrill of the ride), the Codeworkshop team are race car builders, meaning that our excitement comes from building the car (or program) itself. We’re the ones in the back tweaking the engines and experimenting with different exhaust setups.

Our team is able to build and maintain your data pipeline systems, clean the data to make it usable, as well as analyse data in order to see what is necessary and what is not. This will allow you, the business owner, to make smarter business decisions in the long run.

We are experts in our field and are well-versed in relational databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, as well as NoSQL systems like ElasticSearch and DynamoDB. Other frameworks and platforms can be supported too.

Our data engineering services are beneficial to your business in several ways:

  • Consistent, cleaner data leads to better reporting and greater insights
  • Better governance and compliance
  • Prepares you for questions you are yet to ask.

Let us shape the future of your business’s data. We look forward to hearing from you.

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