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Software Development

The world of technology is evolving at an amazing pace, and with it are amazing new possibilities…along with a few challenges. As a technology-driven organisation, we are constantly probing at what is new and (most importantly) how we can add value to our customers.

Mobile app development

When it comes to app development, our goal is to fully understand your users and how they will interact with your app. Mobile app development involves more than simply building something that looks pretty and loads quickly.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our cloud architecture solution offers complete scalability for every possible use, which means that those data-crunching demands will never become too dire. Moving to the cloud is ideal because land-based storage systems can become vulnerable, and might not offer the scalability that your business needs.

Data Engineering

As the space of data has transformed, data engineering has emerged as a role that is complementary to data scientists. At Codeworkshop, we focus on the production-readiness of data, as well as the formatting, scaling, resilience and security of the data.

Custom Search Engines (Elasticsearch)

Codeworkshop makes use of Elasticsearch, a custom document-oriented database which can be applied to any application or custom software solution. With this innovative technology, your business will remain efficient, effective, and ahead of the curve.

System Integration

Codeworkshop is on the pulse of the latest technology, and this includes our app infrastructure and integration techniques. We use a variety of options including REST, SOAP, and web sockets, and so, are able to bring together our specialised skills in this field for seamless results.

Our Favorite Tools

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