Mango5 needed to replace their existing CRM with a web based one and to move their legacy storage to the cloud

Mango5 had a traditional desktop application written in that had to be installed and managed across multiple desktop computers.
They needed a web based CRM and calling platform using WebRTC to enable agents to make calls using softphones. They also had a backup solution that made it quite difficult to manage the files and index them for retrieval.

Their unique set of in house tools required a custom solution and not an off the shelf CRM.

To remedy their issues

We custom built their CRM in ReactJs that is hosted across the AWS CDN to give them blazing fast speeds on the front end, we also host the APIs in a location close to us to allow best possible latency.

We then moved all their backups to Amazon S3 which saved them ~200% a month for more than 4x the amount of storage.
We also migrate items (automatically) to GLACIER for deep archival which costs even less per month but still gives us the ability to fetch the data in approximately 5 minutes by expediting the process.

Side Note

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the AWS Region in Cape Town to migrate them to the new datacenter. This move will provide them with more speed as well as cost savings due to how we link their on Premise servers to the Region we currently use.

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