Synec - Contacta

Contacta required a dynamic way to search through millions of records in sub second times, this is how we solved their problems

For 4 Years Synec worked with other softeware developers to get their product Contacta off the ground.

Synec had a database containing millions of records and even more links between records to try and index their data into a format that would then enable functionality like partial searches on ID numbers and phone numbers, along with other fuzzy searches to enable operators to find and utilise data quickly.

But Traditional databases and infrastructure methodologies were not viable as they required specific tools for the Job at hand.

After engagning with us, we were able to provide them with a working protoypte within a few weeks

We implemented Elasticsearch to do the heavy lifting and indexing, this provided them with search times of approximately 700ms.

We then placed the service behind a Serverless API so that they could then support increasing numbers of users without the worry of scale.

This is where our engineers shine, finding the right tool for the Job at hand while still giving the customer the best security and architecture cloud has to offer.

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