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Cloud Architecture

Your data in the cloud need not be pie in the sky.

Today’s applications and systems demand powerful, flexible databases. Off-the-shelf solutions only work optimally up to a point. Land-based storage systems could be vulnerable and less scalable than you require.

To scale along with the requirements of your business, you need a database that is optimised to perform with every type of workload that your demanding day may throw at it.

This is where CodeWorkshop’s cloud architecture solutions shine: devising a scalable data solution that caters for every possible use case, so you’re not left in the lurch when data crunching gets demanding.

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No vague waffle. Just concrete results.

Our systematic approach to analysing a business’ needs and working out a solution is clear: you can see it in the emphasis we place on cleaning up existing architecture and setting up modular systems. We cut to the core of what’s required, and then assemble and integrate the modules into a seamless, cohesive whole. Allowing you to get on with your business, while the IT end is taken care of, building block by building block.

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App development

We apply our minds to making your clients love your brand.

We make it our business to understand how your users need to interact with your app and what they need to achieve by using it in the first place. That’s how we home in on the nitty-gritty that really matters. You’ll see how our investment in the most up-to-date frameworks and solutions pays off for your company. Whether you need an app designed for a short-term promotion down in Cape Town, or a solution that will scale for the life of your brand around the world, our insights and collective skills will guide us in devising a well-planned, functional tool that is elegantly up to the task. The result? An app that works beautifully and predisposes users to liking and interacting with your business.

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System integration

Because solutions need to communicate as clearly as their users.

Our experts “get” system integration. We understand the why, the how and the value it brings. We also realise the importance of bringing together the skills of specialists in this challenging field. That’s why we can integrate legacy as well as new systems with the offerings of any providers anywhere in the world. Every aspect of your business can be fully integrated and connected. Your business-to-business communication becomes effortless, seamless, borderless. And a whole lot more cost-effective too.

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DevOpsApp development

Less talk, more do. From idea to deployment.

To ensure swift development and uninterrupted operations, we employ our own rigorous standards and industry best practices when designing, testing and implementing Software solutions for your business. We use continuous integration and deployment, and go to great lengths to put the necessary application monitoring and feedback loops in place, which keeps us as well as your staff on top of things.

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Business Analysis

Evaluating, measuring and fixing your way to success.

With our no-nonsense approach, we’ll quickly determine your project’s business needs and objectives, and then we’ll get head-down to formulating a plan, including the technical implementation – translating business requirements into effective software solutions and easing stakeholders into the new status quo. Job well done, we’ll follow up with an evaluation of the positive impact that our recommended interventions have had on your business. Painless. And very, very cost-effective. App development costs are kept in check through sensible outsourcing where appropriate. A task team is assembled, dedicated to your project. Quality control is vital: your performance and our reputation are on the line. The procedure is as non-invasive as possible, so you can carry on business as usual while the evolution is implemented.

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